(Annie's home cook recipes)

Lemongrass chicken on steam rice or vermicelli $9.25 

fish on steam rice or vermicelli $9.50

Lemongrass grilled pork chop an steamed rice
Or vermicelli $9.50 

Lemongrass grilled beef short ribs on steam rice or vermicelli $10.50 

Lemongrass chicken or pork, shredded pork fried egg on rice $12.50 


Pan fried cube beefsteak and potatoes or rice $18.95

Beef steak steamed rice and vegetables



Hot and sour soup
on steamed rice or vermicelli $10.50 
(Shrimp, fish or chicken) 

Grilled pork w/spring rolls w/vermicelli

Grill pork & shrimp ball

w/vermicelli $10.50


Meat ball & shrimp cake or spring roll w/vermicelli $10.50

Xiu Mai & shredded pork w/thick vermicelli $10.50

Grilled pork & Shredded pork w/thick vermicelli $10.50 

Xiu Mai & Grilled pork w/thick vermicelli $10.50


Creped pancake $12.95

pork bean
sprout, onion, squid)

Side orders of Vegetables, depending on availability Gailan Shanghai,
Bok Choy & On Choy Small $4.75  Large  $ 5.75

Spicy Tamarind Crab (Current Market)


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